How We Met: Pete and Ashlee

My husband's name is Peter Malleo. Pete and I met February 25th 2010 on our way to a John Mayer concert. He drove my friend and I to the show. We didn’t hangout much at the show, because our seats weren't near each others. I just remember thinking he was SO CUTE. We had run into each other not long after that and began hanging out a lot more frequently. Over the next few years we would become BEST friends. We’ve been there for each other through relationship highs and lows, break ups, make ups etc... We were always each other's rock.

After years of us watching each other date other people, we both found ourselves single at the same time. We decided to give it a go. We never actually had an official first date because we were just always with each other and doing date-like things lol Movies, drinks, concerts, dinners, sporting events etc... March 2015 is when Pete made it “official" by flat out asking me if I would be his girlfriend. It was so cute. And in February 2016 he proposed! Meep! We pretty much have the same group of friends... so they were thrilled that we "finally" got together. I gave birth to our son, Cameron Hendrix Malleo on August 30th, 2016. We got married on August 8th, 2018 at the New York City Marriage Bureau. TO BE CONTINUED...

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