Our Pregnancy Announcement

A baby is the best blessing I've ever received. That being said... my pregnancy wasn't a planned one. However, we definitely had the same level of excitement. Pete came with me to my ultrasound appointment to confirm that I was in fact pregnant. When they confirmed that I was pregnant, we both just looked at each other in shock and started crying/laughing. It was great. We went home and told my mom and dad IMMEDIATELY. We then face timed my parents in Texas to tell them. Then we made a visit to Pete's parents. THEN we ended up face timing my Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts. Everyone knew within an hour haha It was so exciting. I can't believe I didn't think to film all of it (so stupid of me). I only managed to film us telling my brother CJ the news. It was so cute (PLEASE ignore me laughing like an IDIOT haha)

After the immediate family knew I was trying to figure out a cute way to tell everyone else. My Dad thought of a perfect way. About a week or two after finding out, my Dad was having an event for the launch of his new brand The Little Kernel. A lot of family friends would be there, and we were in the middle of filming for Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey at the time. He had planned a whole speech, so he decided to throw in at the end that Pete and I were "expecting a little kernel of our own". It was so cute and everyone's reaction was priceless. I love that we have that on film too.

It was funny when we announced the pregnancy on social media because not everyone reads the captions on Instagram photos, and some people didn't realize that we had taped a photo of the ultrasound to the popcorn bag (see above). It was so incredible though. We've had so much love and support from Day 1 -despite not making it down the aisle first. So we did it a little "backwards"... so what? So have A LOT of people. Even famous celebs. My baby could not possibly be any more loved.

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