Cameron's Cake Smash Pictures

When Cameron turned a year old, I knew I wanted to get cake smash photos taken. His first year went by so quick. I didn't get to take newborn photos of/with Cameron because I just couldn't bring myself to leave my house in the beginning. I knew I DEFINITELY wanted to make sure I got some great One Year Old photos taken. I know "CAKE SMASH" photos have become so popular in the last few years too. I went to Little Nest Portraits in Ridgewood, NJ (they have a few more studios across the U.S. too) for Cameron's pictures and oh my goodness I was OBSESSED. Not only do I think the photos came out amazing, but they were SO GOOD with taking care of Cameron and getting him to smile/not cry. Cameron acted like a little model. I HIGHLY recommend this studio. Check out some of the photos below! Some are edited and some are raw. I just had to post them.

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