Can you believe 2021 went by so fast?! 2022 is here, and although we hesitate a little when saying this....... 2022 IS GOING TO BE OUR YEAR! Right? -- Right? lol It's been a rough journey these last few years. It's okay to hesitate a little when thinking of plans and the future. Let's be honest, it was a little scary BEFORE the pandemic, this just made things even more complicated. Typically for New Year's Eve we make a list of 'New Year's Resolutions' -- but we aren't going to call them resolutions. We're going to call them manifestations.

Drink plenty of water

  1. Move more, sit less

  2. Make time for self-care

  3. Embrace spontaneity

  4. Make plans to take a mini adventure

  5. Pick a time to wake up & stick to it

  6. Do a little act of kindness weekly

  7. Read more books

  8. Volunteer more often

  9. Adopt an attitude of gratitude

  10. Consider therapy

  11. Be consistent with meal times

  12. Create a bedtime routine

  13. Get in a body-positive mindset

  14. Take at least one 24 hour break from social media every month

  15. Put your phone away an hour before bed

  16. Prioritize age-appropriate screenings with your doctors

  17. Prioritize eco-friendly choices

  18. Call parents/siblings/grandparents more

  19. Develop a skincare routine

  20. Turn on music instead of the TV

  21. Set a monthly budget

  22. Try something new

  23. Take more frequent breaks

  24. Practice intentional breathing

  25. Get in touch with your creative side

  26. Learn a new language

  27. Floss every day

  28. Clean out your closet

  29. Make a new friend

  30. Swap soda and/or sugary drinks for tea

  31. Check out your local farmers/flea market more often

  32. Double the time you spend outside

  33. Keep a jar of things you are grateful for during the year

  34. Put together an emergency kit for your home and car

  35. Create a cleaning schedule you'll stick to

  36. Drink less alcohol

  37. Become a plant owner

  38. Make your bed every morning

  39. Say goodbye to toxic relationships (friends, family, partners, jobs etc..)

  40. Give more compliments

  41. Make time to meditate

  42. Decorate with family history/photos

  43. Create savings goals and a savings plan

  44. Clear out the clutter

  45. Let go of grudges

  46. Avoid people who complain a lot

  47. Start investing

  48. Wear workout gear that makes you feel good

  49. Explore new hobbies


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