Cameron's Birth Story (Video)

My experience with labor + delivery was NOT AT ALL how I originally thought it would be. I'm not even sure where to begin. When I found out that I was pregnant, I immediately looked into my options. I knew that I wanted to have a doctor that knew her stuff when it came to cesarean sections -given the high cesarean rate these days. Just in case. I knew my friend had JUST had a c-section the year before, so I immediately spoke with her about her doctor and made the switch as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I fell in love with her right away. I could not be more obsessed with my OBGYN. (Is that weird to say? lol) ANYWAY--

Throughout my pregnancy I had done extensive research about EVERYTHING from what I ate, to how I should be sleeping, to what the "best way" to have a baby is. (NEWS FLASH: There is no "BEST" way to have your baby. As long as you do YOUR best to get that baby out of you safely for you both.) I watched documentaries such as 'Business of Being Born' -I highly recommend you watch it. That documentary REALLY made me want to have a midwife. I was also VERY intrigued by home birth and water birth. I ended up checking out a midwife at one point but I knew that if God forbid something were to go wrong, that EVERY second counts. The midwives explained to me that there are SO MANY levels of red flags that pop up before something actually bad could happen, but I am way too anxiety prone --so I ended up back with my OBGYN that my friend had recommended haha I am 100% for any woman who could pull that off though. ESPECIALLY WITHOUT THE MEDS..... BECAUSE LET ME TELL YOU...... ha I really wish I could have done it the way I initially planned. Drug free etc.... I made it about 22 hours without an epidural before I finally gave in. I know a few friends of mine that have done water births and home births and it just seems so awesome. Maybe if I ever have another one...

Okay... so... Let me rewind again......................

I had just had a doctor's appointment on August 27th. I was told a guess as to how big my baby currently was "You're going to end up having a 10lbs baby if you carry to term." I was a little nervous. My OBGYN told me that she thought I was going to have him early. We scheduled my last ultrasound for September 1st. She said on that day we would see how he was positioned etc... and potentially discuss an inducement because of his size --which I didn't want. I wanted him to come when he was ready. That night I lost what I now know was my mucus plug. It looked different than other pictures I had seen of what it's supposed to look like. You should have seen me on google and texting my friends that had already had children. I was freaking out. The next day I informed my OBGYN and then I made all of my appointments for everything {Mani/pedi, wax, hair, lash extensions etc...} for September 1st before my ultrasound appointment. I was convinced he would be coming if not that day --then not long after. I tried googling ways to speed up labor. I tried literally all of the old wives tales you could think of. On the 28th I had extra spicy thai food, a pressure point foot massage, bounced on my yoga ball etc... I didn't think those things were things that make you go into labor IMMEDIATELY lol I thought it was something that if you do it some what constantly for a week or so would bring labor on. So my mentality was... okay if I start doing these things now, maybe he'll be ready come on the 1st. WELL, it turns out my lil man couldn't wait that long.

It was August 29th. I had woken up with energy for the first time in what felt like FOREVER so I thought I would clean all of the baby's stuff as well as the room --and I mean DEEEEEP CLEAN. I should have seen the signs. I had taken all of the hospital classes. I had learned about "nesting". However, I was only a few days shy of 37 weeks. I thought I had at least one more week or so to go. I had bent down to pick up my swiffer. All of the sudden I felt what seemed like a tear drop go down my leg. "Is that my wat---" **as a TON of water gushed out of me at once** I knew it was happening. "MOOOOOOOM!" I yelled with terror. It was the worst case scenario I used to joke about. *My water will probably break while Pete is at work -probably somewhere far. Dad will be at work too. And it will just be mom and I -and she gets hardcore anxiety driving on the highway. And I'll end up having to call an uber or something.* WELL haha... Pete WAS at work in Livingston, NJ when my brother CJ called him to tell him my water broke. Livingston is roughly 43 minutes away from our house. And 45 minutes from the hospital I would be delivering at. My Dad was at work too. It was just my mom and I --and CJ --who was only 14 at the time and can't drive lol.

I wobbled/ran to the bathroom to make sure it was still just water and no blood etc... SO MUCH WATER KEPT GUSHING OUT! I always thought it was just one big gush and that's it. No... it kept coming out even after I got to the hospital. TMI? Too bad lol It is NOT like the movies haha ANYWAY, My mom immediately called my cousin Sarah, who luckily was available to not only babysit my brothers for my mom until my Dad could get home --but drive us all to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital I didn't know what to expect. I knew what to do and where to go, because I had taken the hospital tour as well as all of the classes. I signed in when we got there and they brought me into an exam room. I was in there for a few hours. They told me that my water broke but I wasn't actually dilated yet. Usually you won't get admitted until you're at least 4cm dilated, and you're considered ready to push at 10cm dilated. Since my water had broken and I was having contractions they had to keep me anyway.

Once Peter got to the hospital, I was a lot more calm. We ended up putting on WWE Raw until I was admitted into the room I would be delivering in. (Big WWE fans over here lol)

I was SCREAMING at everyone around me (like a dragon) to not film me AT ALL because I just felt so swollen and disgusting looking (I was lol) and I just didn't want ANY of it documented. However, I STILL some how ended up with some footage --thanks to my mother of course. (See the video below) I'm so grateful that she didn't listen to me so that I can have this footage forever. In the video below you can get a very tiny glimpse into my days at the hospital. I wish I had even more footage now. Next time? ha. It was so amazing. ANYWAY- After I was admitted into my labor and delivery room I was examined again. They told us it was going to be a whileeeeeeeeee and said that it was safe for my parents to go home and that I wouldn't be having the baby until the next day. After I kissed my parents goodbye, Pete made his bed on the comfortable couch in the room and we put on a movie. I REALLY started having contractions. It was probably the worst pain I've ever felt. Like the worst period cramp I had ever had times 5. I called the nurse in and begged her to find a way to relive me of my pain. I had tried laying in almost every position, stretching, breathing, aromatherapy. The worst part? I WAS JUST BARELY OVER 1 CM! Insanity. It didn't make sense to me. They ended up wanting to start me on a Pitocin drip to speed things along. SOMETHING I DEFINITELY DID NOT WANT TO DO. I had seen every documentary, like I've said. I was really upset about this. It's a little funny though how when you're in pain and in the moment though that all of your plans can quickly go out the window. Despite my original birth plan, I let them start the Pitocin. This of course led to even worse contractions. I knew everything that was coming. I ended up having some pain medication and that allowed me to actually fall asleep for about 2 hours. I HATE pain medication so I did not like that part. I made Pete hold my hand and promise not to leave me alone (he didn't) before I drifted off. Once I was awake again I was in so much pain. I was shaking. I called my mom around like 3/4am crying haha. I was MISERABLE. I had to use a bed pan etc... I HATED IT. I just wanted my baby out of me so that I could meet him and not be in pain anymore. Little did I know that once the baby is out is when the REAL pain begins --but we'll get to that later lo. The nurse had asked me if I wanted/was ready for an epidural and warned me that once I got it that I would have to remain in bed with a catheter until after the baby arrives. I told her I wanted it and I was ready. Yes... I caved and got an epidural. Did anyone not see that coming??? ha It took the anesthesiologist 6 tries to get the needle in the right spot. At least that's when I stopped counting. I KNOW. KILL ME. He was a very sweet guy and it wasn't completely his fault, I have a very crooked spine. That part really sucked though. I would like to also add that my contractions were worse than the needle pain (if that helps any soon-to-be first time moms that may be reading this). After I got my epidural and that sweet beautiful button, my family arrived. I had made my mom promise that she would come back to hospital as soon as she could when I had called her crying during the night lol

They examined me AGAIN and said I was barely even 3 centimeters. I was afraid I was going to end up having to have an emergency C-section. It was around 3pm when they told me to get some rest and said that I probably wouldn't be having the baby until early THE NEXT DAY (August 31st). I couldn't believe it. I was already going so crazy. I didn't want my mom to leave again. She agreed she would stay. After Pete and my mom got me some jello, they convinced me to try to get some sleep --even though I was super anxious. Pete let my mom rest on the couch, and he made a bed with a chair right by me. I tried resting my eyes and before I knew it, I was sleeping. Within 20 minutes of my nap I woke up with the strangest sensation. I felt like something was wrong. I had A LOT of pressure *down there*. It felt like a big grapefruit was in between my legs. I was also in A LOT of pain. I was crowning. I had Pete call my nurse. My mom was awake at this point too because I was making pain sounds.

When the nurse came back in she examined me. "OKAY..... You're ready to push!" She said with a laugh. I immediately started shaking. I was so so so nervous. I had just calmed down thinking I had one more day to mentally prepare for this and then BOOM 20 minutes later I was ready to push?! I guess my body just needed to physically relax in order for my baby to do his thing and make his way out. During delivery I was allowed to have two people in the room. I was warned that in the event of an emergency c-section that only one person would be able to come with me. Until then, I chose my mom and Peter (obviously) to be my two people. It was a pretty cool thing having the both of them there for this moment. It was the best moment of my entire life. The two nurses came in the room and got everyone into their positions. I had one nurse on each leg helping me pull my legs in, Peter was to my left and my mom was up by my head. Our families waited in the waiting room outside of the nursery. I pushed for one hour. All I remember is pretty much tuning everyone out. I focused on my breath, and body. It was all very primal. I could hear the words of encouragement from everyone as a hum in the background. Cameron Hendrix Malleo was born at 5:20pm. I did decide to bank my cord blood as well as the placenta. I'll write a separate blog about all of that. To spare all of you the traumatic visuals *lol* I didn't include the actual point of birth, the delayed cord cutting, or the banking of the placenta in the video below lol This video is also from my old YouTube channel. I recently launched a new YouTube channel with Pete.

After they cleaned Cameron up a little, I was able to do skin to skin and breastfeed him. When I was ready they took him from me to weigh him and measure him etc... I missed him instantly. It was such a bizarre feeling not having him inside of my body anymore. That night I had a lot of visitors. The next day was full of visits from even more of our family and close friends. It was so great. The only some-what scary thing was when Cameron had to spend the two nights under the UV light to help the jaundice he developed after his first day. Luckily we were able to bring him home on time though. I had a pretty rough time healing from delivery. They don't teach you enough about that part. I am so beyond thankful for the nurses at Hackensack University Medical Center for taking such amazing care of me. They were checking on me constantly, refilling my water, making sure I was eating and drinking, helping me with breastfeeding and pumping, changing my sheets, helping me walk, helping me go to the bathroom etc... It was all so crazy. Squirt bottles with warm water, sitz baths, numbing spray, granny panties, jumbo pads and the ICE PACKS from the hospital were my only friends in the two weeks that followed. I have to say that Pete was so amazing the entire time we were there. He was extremely supportive and encouraging. He didn't leave my side. And he got me anything I asked for. He even changed all of the baby's diapers in the hospital and the first two weeks home while I recovered. He was very helpful. I'm so grateful.

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